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11 Actionable steps to overcome laziness develop good habit (Works Fast)


Laziness is a big problem!

Do you want to get RID OFF laziness?

TODAY I’m going to share with you

Top actionable tips which you can apply RIGHT NOW

Let’s jump into it

How to overcome laziness

1. Exercise to overcome laziness


To overcome laziness first thing you can do is exercise

Start your day fresh as in early morning

You can do basic exercise to feel energies

  • You can do like morning walk, cycling or running or etc
  • Walk after dinner
2. Good Sleep – good habit


Second tip which is sleep not only sleep but good sleep

Now what does good sleep means?

It means see when you are physically tired then how much good you sleep

We can call as deep sleep

And when you wake up after that deep sleep then you are fully fresh and full of energy
3. Acupressure

Mostly in fingers and toes our acupressure points

You have to do this in the morning when you wake up early in the morning

There are many acupressure kits are available which you buy and use it

Only you do it for 3 to 5 minutes that is enough
4. Water – what?


When you open your eyes after sleep but

Still then we want to sleep for more 5 minutes

So quickly wash your face as fast you can

So you won’t feel sleepy

And you can start your day

5. Fruit in minutes?


When you wake-up your body’s metabolism is down

And if your are drink Tea or Coffee

Then will give you energy for less time

So when you wake up within 20 minutes eat a fruit

So it will give energy for more time and

Fruit can be banana
6. Cleanliness – what to clean?


We face some days and in that days we don’t know what to do now

So at that time don’t sit ideal

Do some work don’t sit ideal but if you are unable to figure out what to do

Then clean your room the best thing to do

As if it is totally mess then you are energy will be even more down

This one should be tried out

7. Purpose – for?


If you have purpose for you work or task or to achieve something

Then you will be on the track to do work

The possibility of laziness is very less

So make a purpose in your life

I strongly believe that you should have a strong unshakable purpose

That no matter what happen I have to do it
8. Goals to make it!


It is interdependent with purpose but let’s focus on goals

Make some goals to achieve it can be anything related to your work or start ups

But here is the catch…

Add time limit of achieve it plus make it challenging but it should not be impossible
9. Planning


It is the simple one

Do some planning to do something

Set your own schedule

But according to your life routine otherwise it will be difficult to switch for you
10. Awareness level


If are don’t want to do anything just want to relax then it is for you

Then you have to do only one thing and that is

Be aware!

Yes be aware what is going on around and it means be at present state

See your are sit ideal but you are aware that means your mind is in active state
11. Self – Control?


See what happens when we have to reply a mail then

We start our mobile phone and then se some thing there

Numbers and numbers of applications open

And we end up in spending 1 to 2 hour

Then we realize that our eyes are paining plus our body is tired

So you should have self control

41 Actionable good habits for kids that parents should teach (Right Now)

Now it’s your Turn

Which actionable step you are going to start right now

Do let me know in the comment section plus which is your favorite step

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