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5 Questions you must ask to develop good habits for kids (in daily routine)


As parents are you interested in developing good habits for kids?

Yep! , but what will be the outcome of asking questions?

In long run it is good for our kids to grow fast and always ready to learn new things

At that note it is long term success for parents!


Okay, but what will be the benefits of these questions?

  • To know what our kids are doing
  • Chance to understand our children’s interest
  • To keep them motivated to work

Let’s check out

And these are questions to be ask in daily routine to develop good habits for kids

Plus with why, what’s the reason of asking it

  • How was your day?
  • What you have learnt from today?
  • What new you did it today?
  • Discuss their goals, ideas, concepts, questions solutions
  • Relax their mind by asking any funny incident happen today

Question 1. How was your day? – Good habits for kids


But it is so common question!!

Yes I do agree with you, but

When you will ask this question the conversion will start

And when they will speak the better chance to know and understand what is going on in there day to day life

So you will come to know that the whole day what things they did

A better idea you will get about their

  • Full day activity
  • Their problems
  • What they are doing right-wrong

When to ask this question?

  • After dinner time
  • when all family member sit together
  • Before sleeping time
  • May be at dinner table

 What change will come in long term?

The big change will come that is they will always share things with you if it is good or any problem they are facing

But only when you will take ask in a right way! , Like!

  • Don’t ask them directly
  • Take interest

“If our children are sharing everything with us then it is good habits for kids”

Question 2. What they have learnt from today?


Here the key word is “today” not in month or in a particular period of time

Learning everyday is a skill of good habits!

Everyday will teach you a new thing

What is the reason behind asking this question?

Well everyday is a new learning for us and for our kids too

So to know

  • What they are learning everyday
  • What they answer about this will let you think off
  • Are they learning something valuable so they can grow everyday
  • You can add some valuable thing in there day of learning

“Parents tell that when our kids grow up we simple don’t know, really time travels fast”

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Question 3. What new thing they did it today?


Doing same thing every day is a kind of boring but

Your learning will bit slower!

Try to add something new to their day or an activity so that they can use their mind

  • Like giving them a task to do
  • A challenge
  • Fun activity
  • Public speaking
  • Playing mind games like chess
  • Add some good habits for kids to increase there thinking process

It is endless things to do

“So here our goal is to make learning a habit in good times as well as tough times”

Question 4. Discuss their goals, Ideas, concepts & questions solutions?


This is brings bang on changes to kids life

If you want that kids should be focused in life, they should be clear what they are doing

What is the reason behind discussing their goals, ideas and concepts?

  • They will be more and more clear about what they are doing
  • They will get new-new ideas
  • Invest time in thinking on how to
  • Make plans to achieve it – give them the way, ideas
  • They will face problems so discuss the solutions
  • Our  kids will be more solution oriented
  • They will be ready to learn new things, take challenges

All these are good habits for kids

“Be solution oriented and it is the way to be unstoppable”

Question 5. Relax their mind?


A relaxed mind can think more effectively!

Kids really tired after going to

  • Schools/collage
  • Homework
  • Tuition
  • Activity classes
  • Study time

You need to refresh them so they get the motivation to do their work

So what to do?

  • Play games with them
  • Spend time with full family members
  • Simplify their things
  • Play audio songs
  • Discuss a funny thing that happen today
  • Inspirational stories
  • Giving them free time to do relax
  • Good food can change the mood
  • Tell them how they are wining

 Good habits is not a day job it is a habit following everyday is a habit

“Ups and down is the part of the day grow out of it”  

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Next Step

Now I want to turn it over to you:

Which questions you are going to ask to develop good habits for kids among these 5 questions?

Do let me know that any question I missed out which you think this should be a good fit

And tell me which question you like the most

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