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4 actionable ways to be friends to make good habits for kids [Step-By-Step]


Friends! Do you want to be your kid’s best friend?

It is a long process of becoming their best friends

But today we are going to check 4 actionable ways

Step-by-step and that works fast!

But wait first let’s see some advantages of becoming best friends

Is it going to help to develop good habits for kids?

  • It is profitable even in long term
  • They will share their insides
  • Kids will share their problems openly with them
  • One of the best chance to know what your children are thinking to do
  • Knowing everything you can give a better direction to them

Now let’s jump into actionable steps that how to be there friends

Sports – Friends



Yes sports (games) is the one of the best way to start with

Kids love to play games

BINGO so you can join them

You can give them a competition

Build your bond stronger

“Sports is the best teacher”   

And by playing with them you will instantly connect with them

You will not face any problem in connecting with them

Make sure that you set up some

  • Challenge
  • Hype
  • Competition
  • Something interesting every next day

Sharing your things!


This is the second step you can do

As your kids share their day’s activity or any funny incident of the day

Then you can also join them by

Sharing your own experience with them

But it should be related to that one so you will

Again easily connect with them

And a conversion will start from there

Taking interest

This one is of my favorite taking interest

When you are talking them when there are telling something

Then genuinely take interest in there matter

What they are telling so you can

  • Make eye contact with them
  • Nodding your head sometimes it bit odd but stills works
  • Ask counter questions

You can ask questions it should be opened ended questions

That works amazing

And a win-win situations as parents

Way of talking


This is important one the way of talking

How you speak to them it include

  • Your tone of speaking
  • Pitch high or low or soft or hard
  • Engaging words or not

41 Actionable good habits for kids that parents should teach (Right Now)


Over to you

Now what is the first way you are going to try right now

Tell me what is your secret formula of being there best friends?

And you guide them to develop good habits for kids in the comment section down below

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