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Make A good Habit today for kids


Organize family time to develop good habits for kids [Top 3 ways]


In today’s time it is difficult to make Good habits for kids

Due to this mobile world

So today we are going to explore 3 ways that works great

  • Make a rule
  • Outing
  • Indoor fun

How to do it? – Good habits for kids

Make a rule – kids habits


If you want that at least once in day whole family sit together

Then make a rule

Well rule can be dinner together with full family

This looks small thing but

When full family sits together then the magic happens

All will share their whole day activity and then

Kids can’t stop them to tell to express their day’s activity

So you will come to know what is going in there day’s activity

What our kids are doing and what they are not doing

The rule is to at least spend some time with full family



To spend time with family you can plan a picnic

We know that kids just love to go to picnics or for outing

This is a better idea that everyone will be relaxed

From there busy schedule

It will be refreshment for everybody

Indoor fun


You can play indoor games

To engage children to spend time with family instead of spending time in mobile

And when we play with them then we can ask them about their day’s activity

Games always relax our kids mind as they have interest in them

Even playing for 1 hour is enough

Make a fix time for that

So kids will love as there will be a challenge that who will win today

You can play many games like

  • Chess
  • Carom
  • Truth and dare
  • You can do dance even
  • Or in which your kids are interested in

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Next step

Which is your way to engaging kids to spend time without mobile?

Do let me know in the comment section so

That I can fit your tip into this to make the list better

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