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Top 5 eating habits to make good habits for kids (Right Now)


Eating properly is a good habit, but are your kids found of doing so…

All right TODAY we are going to learn

Top 5 eating habits to make good habits for kids

Let’s see preview of it

  • Don’t speak
  • Use table spoon
  • Sound of chewing food
  • Sit properly
  • Don’t waste food
  • Bonus tip #1
  • Bonus tip #2

So let’s jump in

Habit of speaking while eating

Kids are very talkative

And talking while eating is bad habit

So you should tell the importance of that

Ways to cure of this speaking habit!

  • Tell them what problems can happen if you are talking while eating food?
  • Give some examples in that include their favorite cartoon character
  • If you are follow this good habit of not speaking than it can work too

Use table spoon


Proper use of spoon should be a step in eating food properly

But some time kids not follow it properly so

What can be done to tackle this?

  • As it is said kids follow their parents it should be start with you
  • You can change the spoon that means different types of spoon come so change it with their favorite sports or cartoon character that types of spoon you can use them to make it interesting

Making sound while eating

You must have notice some people like chewing there food they make sound of chewing

And that is really a bad habit and if your kids do it that you should teach them right now

How to cure this problem of chewing food?

  • Make a habit of eating food with closed mouth
  • Eat slowly
  • Bit of food
Sitting properly


  1. Should sit on dining table
  2. Body posture should not be odd
  3. At first take that much food that you can finish it
Don’t waste food!


This one is the basic one but most essential one

Many times it happens that we take much food and

We are unable to finish it up

So this is a good habit for kids and it is also for us

Take that much food in your plate that you can finish it up and

Then you can take it second time if you want so

The key is don’t waste food

BONUS TIP#1 add snacks


If you want that your kids finish your healthy food

As kids love junk food so how to tackle that one

Add snacks into it

Whatever you are giving add small part of their favorite food

And while talking with each other they will finish everything

So win-win for parents

BONUS TIP#2 TV/mobile

This will be harsh one for kids

As now kids are found watching TV or using mobile while eating food

So how to tackle this one?

  • Strictly switch off TV and mobile
  • Make a rule that no family member is allow to use mobile or watching TV
  • Create a good environment as every family members sit together at same time

41 Actionable good habits for kids that parents should teach (Right Now)


It’s your turn now what is the habit you are going to apply right NOW

Do let me know in the comment section which one is your

Favorite tip of make good habits for kids

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