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Make A good Habit today for kids


Discussion for 45 minutes to build good habits for kids (That Works Fast)


Discussion formula of 45 minutes (secret formula)

Are you finding it difficult to sharpen your kids mind?

In today’s time this is a challenge to develop good habits for kids

But right now I am going to share the secret formula for it

And that works fast but it also profitable in long term

Why to do this activity? – discussion

It is a challenge due to this mobile world!                                                                                       discussion-good-habits-for-kids-answering

First let’s see some points that why it is important

  • It will develop there thinking power
  • Increase of creative thoughts
  • Use their brain to finds ideas
  • Able to create their own way
  • Easily able to figure out between right and wrong

It can be endless benefits of doing this activity with your children to make good habits

Selection of Topic

Now the question comes that which topic to be selected?woman-confuse-why-good-habits-discussion

There are many topics

  • You can select topic as per there age
  • As per interest level
  • What lesion you want to teach them
  • Any daily life (daily routine)
  • Something creative

Do it every day and that will bring the change!

Which questions to be asked in discussion?

 1. What do you think about this topic?


You can ask them “what do you think?”

Here is the catch the moment you start asking question

Then the game will start from other end

As kids love to tell their story

And meaning full conversion will start

So this question will be a great add-on
2.What you would have done if you were in that place?

If your topic contain any situations then this question

Going to be a great add-on to start conversion

And by this you will come to know

  • what is going in there mind
  • there thought process
  • what they have done
  • which path they would walk on
3. Share your thoughts


We are talking about discussion

So it should be from both ends (from you & kids)

When they will get your idea then they will think more

And another idea is going to be pop out

So win-win situations as parents
4. Questioning round?



Some more questions you can add-on

  • advantages and disadvantages
  • what new can be done
  • it can be related to time
  • how, what, whom, why can be new flavor in questioning
5. What you have learnt from this topic of discussion?

This is the key one as

At the end of discussion there should be some thing

I would not say conclusion because now you need to replace conclusion with “call to action”

If you have something related to call to action

Then it is going to bring magical change in their life

41 Actionable good habits for kids that parents should teach (Right Now)

Over to you

growth-discussion-chart-good-habits  Now tell me on which topic you are going to start your discussion

Do let me know in the comment section your favorite question with your topic to

Develop rapid growth as good habits for kids

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