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Make A good Habit today for kids


5 Actionable to change daily routine for good habits for kids (Step-By-Step)


Do you get bored by same daily routine?

Probably Yes, so your kids get bored too!

NOW it is the time do something to bring some change in your kid’s day

Either way they have the mobile so develop good habits for kids

TODAY I’m going to share the 5 actionable steps

Which you can apply right now

And after that you will get more ideas pop in your mind

So let’s jump into it

A movie – daily routine


Yes! Movie is now a day’s great refreshment for kids even for us

Movies means it is not that random movie but…

  1. Infect movies which is based on adventure
  2. May be a mystery movie
  3. Inspirational movie

I think from parent’s point of view this will be okay as these types of movies

Can become a win-win situation for parents HOW?

Well kids will be a refreshing and they are watching a good movie



Well I’m foodie so I can easily relate to it

Food can be the change the MOOD

So it can be a big fit into changing the daily routine

Normally as food is consent you were not making the food which is likable for kids

May be health is consent eating healthy food is good habit

So you can add this in your weekly schedule



This a lovable breakthrough for kids

Family outing is fun for kids and parents both

To change your daily routine this can be your likable choice

Infect for kids it will feel the energy in them

Yeah I know that add this in once in week so you can go for in 1 month or in 2 months or even in the gap of 3 months

Now this a better one and this is going to develop good habits for kids

As their mind will be relaxed to they can easily focus where they want too



Everybody has different-different hobbies

But don’t have time to spend on it

And if we compare our daily routine VS our hobby

Then I’m sure that you are going to choose that I will spend time to my hobby

So this will somewhat change your daily routine and it keeps you to be active

Discussing on Ideas

This one sounds interesting

What you want to do?

Like you can pick any work which you are really passionate about

So sit and discuss with your children

Big chance of having good conversion

And it will develop their creativity

As how creative they can think and you also join them

Give your ideas and see the magic

This developing your children’s creative mind set

Called as modern day’s good habits for kids


Family Gatheringsfamily-gathering-daily-routine

When you meet your family members after a long time that feelings or

Those moments are great we discuss lots and lots of things

Bottom line we enjoy the most

41 Actionable good habits for kids that parents should teach (Right Now)

Over to you

Now it’s your turn what is the first thing you will choose to start RIGHT NOW

Are you going for a picnic or movie or food else family gatherings

Do tell me in the comment section down below

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