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Top 4 challenges to build good habits for kids (step by step)


Good habits for kids that is our goal, right?

Yep! So do you know that kids love challenges???

If not then no worry

Today we are going to see 4 CHALLENGES that your

Kids are going to love them plus build good habits for kids

That means win-win situations for parents!

Now it is looking profitable, right?

Let’s see the challenges and then we are going to explore

  • Study challenge
  • Clean surroundings
  • The work in which our kids are lazy
  • Fun challenges

Time to explore

Study challenges


Mostly kids love to play instead of studying, right?

True, but we have to find the way

So what we should do that they sit for study regularly

Give them challenge 

  • Give them time frame means you have 10 minutes to learn this topic

Here is the catch

Now they will give a try to chase it down because now they are facing different situations

That I have to do it before time, I have to win this

And if you have explained it well then it will be even smooth way to learning topic

  • Kids love challenges and they also love to win
  • By this they will be more focused on the topic
  • They will try to learn it before time ends
  • They are going to charged up by wining
  • By this they are going to extend your limit to learning

Do try it as they this can make a win situations for building good habits for kids

Cleaning surroundings

challenges -playing-home-good-habits-for-kids

When kids play with toys they end up doing messed up the room, right?

Mostly, and we say them to clean it but they don’t do it every time

And we get tired by cleaning the room, right?

Then how to find the way to solve this problem

The tricky way

First start cleaning with them

Means that say let’s both clean this room and we have to do it in 10 minutes

Make it a challenge that can we both complete this challenge what you say son/daughter

Do this for some days


Now you have to do the same thing with some changes

Like our T.V. show or movie going to start in 15 minutes and we have to clean this mess

But have to clean this two rooms so let’s divide our team and give them the challenge

Who cleans the room first and then we will sit and watch our T.V. show or movie

Now see you are cleaning your room and you kids are cleaning there room by their own

Big win as parent that you have build good habits for kids

The work he/she is lazy

no work-good-habits-for-kids-lazy-challenges

Every child is different so I don’t know your children feel lazy in doing which work

So the formulas are same as we discussed above

Some steps you can check

  • Find the work which he/she feel lazy
  • What he/she likes so can give a challenge
  • Is there you can play with timings
  • Can you make a fun way of doing that work for them that they will love to do that
  • Make it interesting for them
  • Or find the way how they can complete the work quickly
Fun challenges


You and I both know the importance of playing

Doing crazy stuff, playing outdoor sports, indoor games and relaxing, fun .enjoying

So make fun challenges not every time meaning full once

  • Fun challenges
  • Play indoor game
  • Outdoor game
  • Jokes , tricky question of their loving field
  • Relax


Do appreciate or award them on their efforts they made to achieve it

So that next time they will give more efforts

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Now it’s your turn

Now tell me in the comment section your favorite challenges which is going to apply right now

Do share your thoughts on giving challenges and what challenge you give to your kids

To build good habits for kids

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