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Why to appreciate + celebrate to good habits for kids [That Get Results]


Do you want to know the hidden secret behind appreciate and celebrate?

This is one of the most power full things that’s gives

Boost to give a another try and to achieve our goals

Today I will be reveling the reason behind it

Plus how it helps to develop good habits for kids

There are two terms

  • Appreciate
  • Celebrate

This two are inter related

So let’s start with



Here the catch is to appreciate your kids for their EFFORTS

Yes! You were appreciating them on their wins

That is also a great thing

But now you have to do both the things

“The work which is appreciated gets repeated more and more”

What will happen when you appreciate your kids on their efforts?

  1. when they are losing after trying they will be charged up to bounce back
  2. they will able to see the things and change way to reach their goals
  3. they are not going to stop in trying new things
  4. able to find their mistakes by their own

The processes of appreciating will not instantly works it will take some time

But as you will start doing it the results will keep improving

This will help to develop good habits for kids as they will be more active in trying new things

I think now you will start doing it but

Wait a second!

Only this will make the deference?

Yes but the part 2 is left and that is



This is the second thing you have to do it celebrate the event

“As we every time wait that event will come and we will celebrate but remember one thing the day you celebrate it that is a event and rest are the dates in the calendar”

Make today a countable day for your kids

Teaching good habits is not a difficult thing to do there different actionable ways

41 Actionable good habits for kids that parents should teach (Right Now)

What happens when you celebrate the event?

  1. Minds want to achieve the target again and celebrate
  2. Gets the energy to do work
  3. Willing want to do it in even better way
  4. Wants to break their own previous record

Kids to celebrate so this can be win-win situations for you as parents

Next step!

Now you can keep on raising the bar of levels of work or difficulty or target goals

Once they reach the goal appreciate and celebrate the event and

Raise the level that’s it

Over to you

Now tell from both of this which you are going to apply right now

Do let me know in the comment section plus

What other thing you do to boost your kids

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