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7 Best ways for exercise for kids as good habits for kids (Works Quickly)


Exercise is the best thing to start your day but…

To make habit of doing exercise is really hard!

But today I’m going to share with the modern day’s solution

See basically as parents our main goal is to make kids be active

TODAY will be focusing on the actionable steps

Cycling – exercise


Mainly kids are found of cycling

And your kids love to ride then I think you should join them

If you are joining them then see the magic

This is the one of the best exercise in modern days

Walking or jogging


You can do early morning walk or jogging

Feel the fresh air

And you can also go for walk at night

After dinner you can go that is also a good decision to go

Outdoor games


I strongly believe that outdoor sports is evergreen

Sports like are of running so that is good exercise

  • Football
  • Cricket
Skipping rope


Kids are jumping all day so

Using skipping rope is good as it will also rotate your wrist of your hand

And joining them then it is good for you as well

You will be also maintain your fitness



Kids love to win and race is another better option

You can give them a challenge to run fast for that

Use stop watch that can you complete one round in 1 minutes

Then reduce the time so kids will also get motivation to do it



You can join swimming classes

Swimming was good in previous time and in modern days it is like

Coming to trend and it is also a best exercise

And as it is said that everyone should learn swimming so now its

Your call!



I am not sure about karate but still is good for kids

They will become strong plus fit too

41 Actionable good habits for kids that parents should teach (Right Now)

Over to you

So which one you are going to start right now for your kids

I think you can start  to as you have a partner

Do let me know in the comment section down below

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