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5 Ways to focus as good habits for kids (That Get Results)


To increase focus is sometime really hard!

But today we are going to see some ways

To increase our focus level and that are getting results!!

Here the solutions of focus works for kids as well for us also

So let’s see preview and then let’s explore them

  • What’s the reason?
  • Sports game
  • Formula of sitting before 10 minutes
  • Burning desire
  • Meditation

Now let’s go into deep and see some actionable things and thought process behind it

What’s the reason? – focus


Let’s start with the best one first

Do you know why you or your kids don’t focus in one thing?

Well answer is “REASON”

Okay let us assume that they are not focusing in studies

Do you know why?

First thing is they don’t have interest in studies

That is the biggest problem of today

And why they don’t have interest in studies?

Because simply they “don’t have a strong reason to study”

To check that this is correct or wrong then check in you

You have a strong reason do this or that work, right?

Well mostly you will agree to me

 How to focus then?

For that you need a strong reason

Once you have that then results are going to be in your favored

Sports game


I strongly believe that sports is the best to increase focus

If you are agree with me then

Your question will be which game, right?

I am talking about CHESS

Yes that’s right chess and why chess?

It is because chess is a game in which our right brain and left brain both are used

And I have tried this experiment of chess and I got good results

And the results was my awareness level was increased that I felt by playing it

How to start?

You don’t have to play all day long just 1 hour a day is more than enough

Plus if you are going to start then play board game chess not on computer or mobile

Formula of before 10 minutes


This works for who sit accordingly by seeing time like

I will sit for study at 9 pm

I will start reading at 10 am

Or whatever

So if you are time punctual than you are going to get great result

How it works?

If you are sitting for study at 9 pm

Then you have to sit at 8:50 pm before 10 minutes

What’s the reason of doing so?

It is because we don’t have a switch that we will sit for study at 9 pm and we will be fully focused from 9 pm, right?

It takes 5 to 10 minutes to switch into study

So you will be focused at your work

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Burning desire


You need a burning desire to do that work

If you have that then you will not stop in doing that work

You can check it by yourself

How to check?

Find the work in which your interest level is high!

You have a strong burning desire that whatever it takes to do my work

I will not stop to do it

That is the thing!

Then laziness or how much time it will take or I need this first then I will do it or etc

This things doesn’t come into your way

So what to do?

Make a burning desire to do it or create the new way of doing it



This is the common one and everybody takes about it

So to increase focus you should do meditation

Do it in early morning and regularly

If your mind is on track then you can focus in many things

Meditation is the best thing to start your day

Bonus tip

Take small breaks to relax yourself

Don’t take big break instead take frequent small break to boost you!

It will help you to relax your mind and

It gives energy to do your work again

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Now it’s your turn

Do tell me which formula you are going to follow right now

Or you will apply for your kids to make good habits for kids

And which is your favorite focus formula

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