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41 Actionable good habits for kids that parents should teach (Right Now)


Good habits for kids as a parent what we wish?

Well just our kids have good habits with good values and grow in life!

So today we will see amazing actionable good habits that you can start applying right now

If we apply this habits for our kids then see what can happen

  • As a parent we will feel proud as our children is in right track in life
  • Our children can handle any situation better
  • They will be solution oriented
  • If they have any problems they will always share with you
  • They will have a habit of learning new things

So let’s jump into good habits for kids

  • Sleeping on time- making habit for our kids

In today’s time sleeping on time is the best for your body and eyes

This is no rocket science everybody knows

Sleeping on time will make your next day better?

As you will wake up fresh

(1) How to make a habit of sleeping on time?


  • First you have to act like oh I am feeling sleepy
  • Or second thing you can do is story telling is one of the best way that they will sleep
  • Third way is observe there full day activity and then make some changes so they will feel tired and when we are tired one thing comes is when I will go to bed, right?

“Understanding our children day activity and mind set”

(2) Wash your hands


Washing our hands is a good habit as it removes the dust and keeps us safe from deceases, right?

Yes for sure, but as parents we know this but our son/daughter don’t understand it at all

So How to make a habit of washing hands for our kids?

  • First way: you have to do some drama and see the amazing result

When your son/daughter is in front of you may be at dinner time then sit in table and starts your drama like express it

OHHHH Shit! I forgot to wash my hands and then go to wash your hands and come back then say now it is perfect (everything is good)

Now see what will happen

Your kids will start thinking; at first they will think what was it?

Washing hands is important?

My mom and dad are doing it every time then it is something good in that

So I also wash my hands!!

Bingo a sweat victory for parents

  • Second way: you have to wash your hands with your children together

“Creating a OHHHH – HOOO moment”

(3) Brush your teeth twice a day- good habits for kids

If you want that your kids stat brushing teeth daily and twice a day


  • One way:- If you want your children brushes teeth twice a day

Then you also have to brush your teeth with them at same time

Make a fix time for brush and make conversation that is good in doing it

“They will learn what they will see”

  • Wake up early in the morning

Waking up early in the morning is profitable for your memory

As our brain is fully relaxed so best time to do work

How we start our day like that happens full day

(4) How to make habit for waking up early in the morning for kids?

As we know our children loves to sleep more and especially in the morning time, right?

Just 5 minutes more mom, I will wake up after 5 minutes and that ends after 1 hour right?

Go for morning walk or go for cycling to start the day with fresh air


  • First way:- make the fix time of waking up even on holiday’s then it will automatically comes in our routine
  • Second way:- when you waking up tell them something special for them today

“Fix to time or special for today”

(5) Taking shower twice a day

Taking care of personal body is essential and it should be twice a day

And if we talk about the morning shower then it is must as well feel fresh

To free from morning laziness shower is best thing and we can start our day with full energy

How to make habit of taking shower for kids that they happily go by without saying?


  • First way:- You can create competition that I won I have take shower before you
  • Second way:- You can use little music that trigger the emotions that also works

(6) Help each other/Friends

Now if you want to create a helping nature then it is easy and it is tough at same time


Here helping it is not a problem but the problem is helping it for the bad task that is a problem

So what to do?

  • First way:- show them you are helping your friends or your friends is helping you say words like “thank you so much for helping” , “hug your friends

Kids are always open to think so if they something unusual and if they ask don’t ignore them

Tell the story to them in a way that they can understand it

  • Second way:- tell them directly to help your friend if you feel that it is correct to help

“Friend in need is friend indeed”

(7) Sharing is caring!


It goes while saying “sharing is caring

One way:- tell the benefits of sharing it can be anything (food , things , etc)

(8) Hair cut and comb your hair

Look smart!


  • First way:- how you behave same they will adept things so even you are going nearby you

Then also comb your hair and they will copy you

  • Second way:- fix any date for hair cut that will be in your routine
  • Third way:- express and tell them Hmm now you are looking smart

“Creating small wow is more than enough”

(9) Cut your nails

Babies often put their fingers in their mouth and that is also a bad habit so do take care of that too

  • First way:- fix any one day of the week for cutting nails
  • Second way:- you have to cut your nails with them at same time
  • Third way:- when they don’t cut their nails then tell them “OHHH how dirty it is” , “good children don’t do this” , “ now germs will come now

(10) Obey elders and parents

Respecting your elders is a good habit but

How to teach our children?

  • First way:- you can tell through story books
  • Second way:- through small cartoon types videos

(11) Eat healthy food


Our diet plays an important role for our body, thoughts and our health

So eat healthy food, fruits and you can drink milk

How to improve eating habit?

First way:- daily give one glass of milk and one fruits in breakfast give before they ask for it

Second way:- if they are not eating then with fruits add there snacks then they will finish both of them

Third way:- tell the benefits and importance of eating fruits and drinking milk

Fourth way:- connect the drinking milk habit with their cartoon character

Top 5 eating habits to make good habits for kids (Right Now)

(12) Study on time


Study is the most important and it is must for everybody

But our children only want to play games instead of studying

Our children don’t have interest in study

How to set our child for studying and make it a habit?

  • First way:-fix a time of study
  • Second way:- give them a target that they can achieve it
  • Third way:- give them award or small gift if they achieve milestone

13 Actionable study tips as good habits for kids (That Works Fast)

(13) Inform your parents where you are going

Sometimes what happen that our children go out for playing or to our neighbors, right?

And we are keep finding them in tension that where are they

So how to develop a habit of informing you then they go out?

  • Well this will starts from you as if you are going out like to neighbors house or going to market or anywhere else
  • Inform you children that I am going here and I will come at so-so time
  • That simple it is but it is not stops here
  • Now when you come back again inform them that you are back home

And see the results and sometimes you can directly say that you are free to go

But inform us and then you can go

(14) Discuss your problems with your parents

Now if you want that in type of situation in life your son/daughter always openly discuss with you

What is going on and you can guide them

For this what to do?

Well keep remind them in I am with you in your tough times and in good times

In any situations I am with you

Openly discuss the topics in a healthy manner

Focus on the solutions

“Every problems has it solutions if you ignore them then there is no way to go out”

(15) Do your daily work yourself

This is a automation process and this will take to achieve it

Every time have to inform that now it is the time for study or

Now it is sleeping time and etc…

But one thing you might notice that for their playing time we don’t have to inform them

So what’s the solution?

First thing:- make something meaning full for them

Second thing:- give them challenges

Third thing:- show the benefits of that

(16) Keep your surroundings clean/mess


Cleanliness will help you to think positive and help to avoid laziness

How our kids maintain cleanliness?

First thing:- you tell that let’s clean the room both start cleaning together

By this they will start doing something

Second thing:- then set target of time that in 5 minutes or 10 minutes we have to clean the room

(17) Way of talking

People judge you by the way you talk

And think that he will be like that or like this

So what to teach them?

  • How to speak with your elders
  • Speak politely
  • Use words like “thank you”, ”please”, ”welcome”

(18) Read story books


As it is said Books are our best friend

Knowledge will always stays with you

Reading story books is good as kids love stories

After reading story tell the moral of the story or ask them what you learn from this

And discuss on the moral for 5 to 10 minutes

What is the benefit in reading story books?

  • They will learn new things
  • There vocabularies will increase
  • Will get a lesion to learn

7 Benefits of reading story books for making good habits for kids (Guide)

(19) Do exercise

As it is said “survival of the fittest”

Waking up early and then you can go for a walk, jogging and

You can do yoga and basic exercise

So you can do anything you like to or if you are confuse?

Then make a weekly schedule

So how to motivate our kids to do exercise?

Here there is one way that is how much you are active in morning time same your son/daughter will carry forward

So you have to be hyper active and see the amazing results

7 Best ways for exercise for kids as good habits for kids (Works Quickly)

(20) Don’t blame anyone for your mistakes

Accepting your mistakes is a big thing

If you are accepting it then you have the golden chance to grow out of it

So make a habit of accepting your mistakes to our kids?

The best way:- sit with them and make them release

Tell the difference between accepting mistake and not accepting it

But here you have to give example in which they are interested in like

Which thing (toy, food, cartoon character) they love them

Then they will connect fast

(21) Don’t harm animals


Animals are good they just want love from us

Here you can give the knowledge about animals, birds

Also give the knowledge of how to protect ourselves if they attack on us

(22) How to work

Here I clear you that this means when our children get’s any task, challenge, some work,

So that they can easily do it more perfectly and fast

One more thing that you have to give them ideas not the right path

The target is to develop there creative mind set

And you will notice day by day that now they are finding their way to do it in a good manner

(23) Value of time


Who use his time wisely known as smart person, right?

So as parents we also want our children to use time wisely

Don’t waste it just value it that how important it is, right?

Well 100% for sure

How to teach them to use time wisely

First way:- at the end of the day ask them about their days work

So you will come to know now what to do

Second way:- give them task to do that they can achieve it and then raise the bar

Try to make it a fun like adjust the task in there day’s schedule

  • Speak the truth

Speaking truth is one of the best good habits

(24) How to make our kids a new habit of speaking truth?

First way:- explain trough stories that will register fast in kids mind

Second way:- keep reminding them at least once in a day is enough

Third way:- tell them what problems they may face if they don’t speak truth

And remember you also have to speak the truth in front of them

(25) Explaining the difference between right and wrong?

This is important for parents that they know the difference

Just think that if your son/daughter easily figures out that this is right and this is wrong, simply amazing right?

Well yes no quarries

How it will happen?

In one line “this will happen only when you will spend time with them”

A healthy discussion should be there on daily basics this will make a big impact

And secondly see how his/her mind set is about give examples accordingly and

See that it is not been too much

(26) Appreciate and celebrate

This is the best thing you should do

Appreciate them not only when they achieve something but also

For their efforts into work

And the second part is celebrate the event

“As we every time wait that event will come and we will celebrate but remember one thing the day you celebrate it that is a event and rest are the dates in the calendar”

So make a habit of celebrating it and if you do that those our kids will think that

I achieved this so we are celebrating it and everybody is so happy

So he/she think that once more I should achieved it

They will start focusing on their work and try to do it even better then the previous once

Why to appreciate + celebrate to good habits for kids [That Get Results]

(27) How to solve their problems

See our children have different kind and level of problems

And that should be solved such a way that next time they also can find a better way to solve it

They have problems like so much home work to do, my friend is not talking with me, I don’t want to study, I want to do this – want to do that and it is endless

So here you have to be kid and give answers like give a chocolate to your friend,

Give them the way that how to manage your study and I am with you I will help you etc…

(28) Learn from mistakes

learn-from-mistakes-good-habits-for kids

Children do mistakes and even we also do it, right?

Hmm but here talk about our kids

So if they do some work and they are making mistakes then

First solve it then ask them what you learnt from these mistakes

And you can tell to make a note of what you learnt from mistakes and

At the weekends sit with them and tell see you are so smart that you have learnt so many things

Appreciate them for trying a good thing

(29) Make learning a habit


I believe in one thing that whatever the result you get if you don’t learn from it then it is a waste of experience

If you are just focusing on your learning then you are going in the path of unstable you

How to make leaning a habit for kids?

At the end of the day ask them what you have learnt today

And even only one thing is more than enough how

Just do simple calculation 1 day = 1 thing he/she learnt than 30 days = 30 things

And here the speed of learning will increase in regular period of time

At he end sweet victory for parents

(30) Discuss on a topic for 45 minutes

  Everyday choose one topic and do a discussion for 45 minutes

You can choose any topic

  • What you think about (topic)
  • What you would have done if you were in that place (topic)
  • Share each other’s thoughts related to (topic)
  • Ask questions related to it related to your (topic)
  • What you learn from it from the (topic) you discussed

Discussion for 45 minutes to build good habits for kids (That Works Fast)

(31) Make a habit of asking right kind of questioning

Asking questions is a good habit?


No but asking right kind of question is important

Random question is not a sign of smart person

Where to ask questions?

Start with asking questions in school/collage

And home by the way this two are big and starting of making good habits

So how to make questioning good habits for kids?

Play game of multi-choice question and here both have to ask each other questions and play with points

So there mind will start working

5 Questions you must ask to develop good habits for kids (in daily routine)

(32) Enjoy every moment

Give them free space and time to enjoy every moment

That is the most important

If they are enjoying every moment then they will be more power full in taking any decision

And they are always hyper active and ready to do new work with full of energy

There is no rocket science it is simple if we are in good mood then the speed of doing work is fast

(33) Be their friend


Kids mind set of assumption or you can say majority love friends not there teacher it is hard to believe but it is somewhat true

So be there friend and they will be share thing with open minded

Then you will know that what is happening in your kid’s life

So it is easy to give direction to their life

4 actionable ways to be friends to make good habits for kids [Step-By-Step]

(34) Clean your ears

It is simple clean your ears once in a week

As you know if you not do than what problems to face it up

(35) Give them challenges


Kids love to win so give them challenges that they can achieve it

And then raise the bar of challenges

And do give awards to them so that they will get the energy of doing it

At the in most challenge they should win so they will accept your challenge and you can teach some good habits to kids

Top 4 challenges to build good habits for kids (step by step)

(36) Basic knowledge’s

  • Save water
  • Don’t ON/OFF switch with wet hands
  • Save electricity

For that videos will be the right choice as per today’s generation

(37) Daily routine changes

If you are a good observe then you can easily relate to this that people are fed up of their same routine cycle

As every day is a new day then do one thing different from the previous day

  • Go watch movie
  • Cock different food
  • Go for outings
  • Play games with family members
  • It is endless so now you have to find what to do

5 Actionable to change daily routine for good habits for kids (Step-By-Step)

(38) Free time


Everybody has limit of energy so and mind also need time to relax

So sometime give your kids a free time let them do what they want to

(39) Importance of money

For this you should do the best thing you can to understand the importance of money

  • Use story books
  • Use videos
  • While playing games you can explain them

(40) What to do when you got hurt (bleed)

If it happens in school then go the class teacher and tell them

If it happens at home then tell your parents

Give the basic thing they can do teach them that but how?

See as they carry handkerchief with them, right?

Explain them on which place then can tie in an emergency

(41) Organize family time at any coast


It is the most essential time for not only for kids but for each and every family members

How to set up the time?

  • You can make a rule that every family member as to sit together for dinner
  • You can play indoor games after dinner
  • Discuss everybody’s happy moments of the day

Organize family time to develop good habits for kids [Top 3 ways]


It is a roller coaster ride to teach good habits to our children and as in modern days

We are ready with modern ideas to make a fun way of learning things and making a right path for our children

Now tell me in the comment section down below that which is your top 5 favorite good habits for kids which you will follow right now

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