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13 Actionable study tips as good habits for kids (That Works Fast)


Are you finding Good study habits to score more in exams?


By following these good habits of studying you will grow by 74%

So what are the benefits of following it?

  • Our kids will get good results
  • As they will get results they will develop a good habit of studying for kids
  • Modern day’s study tips (updates)
  • Reduce stress of studying

 Sounds interesting, right?

So today we are going to check 13 good study habits for kids to boost the results

Let’s jump into it!

  • Fix time and place

Yes you though it correct!

See by fixing time and place it will comes in your habit fast

First let’s talk about fixing a time frame is important


See it will come in our daily routine and our mind is also set with that particular time frame

And by following it daily then after some period of time then you will notice rapid growth

What things to remember while selecting time frame?

  • See that you can comfortable with that time for all 7 days
  • Make sure if you are also free at that time then it will be even better so you can keep an eye
  • This is study time so here home work time should be included
  • You can choose 2 hours and you can increase or decrease time frame
  • Make sure you follow it for 3 months then it will be going without saying

(1) Now fix a place


Here the same formula works and use take char for studying

What are the things to be remembered in selecting fix place?

  • Make sure it is less of a distraction
  • A silent place
  • See that you don’t change the place often

(2) Set Targets and Goal


Setting a target and goal is easy but to follow it that is a challenge, right?


But at the same time it will motivate you to chase it down

Where and how to set the target?

First of all you have to set the target on study

It means if your target is to study for 2 hours daily then

You have to achieve it how you will do it that is up to you

For that you can make a score board for that like in last week I completed 5 times in 7 days

And compare your result of output by that you can increase or keep the time frame as it is

Where to set our goal?

Your goal will be the outcome (result)

Compare your weekly result and make the changes accordingly

So setting your target and goal will keep you on the tack

(3) Appear for home test


If your aim is to score more in exams

Then as many test paper you will give the better the idea you will get

Select one day in a week for writing test paper

Make sure that the time for test should be the same as per your school/collage exams

What will happen if we appear for home test?

  • You will get the idea about the subject and your work
  • The fear of exam will be gone
  • Can perform much better in main exams

(4) Prepare Notes


Be alert while making notes as everything is not important

Avoid making too much long notes then you will not go through them

  • This is the best thing you can do to read fast at the time of revision
  • Prepare notes will help you a lot it will save your time
  • Easy to remember things
  • Make it little attractive

(5) Good sleep


Sleeping on time is important for your body, eyes and mind

If you are sleeping on time then your mind will be relaxed

So you will able to perform better

And you have worked a lot so you will be tired so it is better to sleep

If possible make a fix time sleeping

(6) Pay attention


Here we are doing the big mistakes as in class we not just nodding our head but thinking about different things

Infect we are wasting our time

But we think that we will study by our own at home or we will learn this in our tuition

But if you pay attention then if you understand even half or one fourth of it then

When we will sit for study then we will easily understand the things easier

So our time will also be saved

(7) Complete your today’s work today

It means that don’t depend on tomorrow

That it is easy I will finish it in one day and latter on when we sit then the easy looks difficult

And at that time we don’t have any choice

So complete your today’s work today

(8) Use marker/ pointer


When you are reading then use pointer means highlighter or pencil

  • So you will not be distracted much
  • Focusing on the lines
  • Mark the important points
  • The speed of reading will be maintained

(9) Focus on the concept instead of cramming


Well yes both get results if you understand the concept or you are cramming

But cramming will not be with you for long time and it is bad for final exam which comes at the end of the year

You will forget the things early

But if you are focusing on the concept that what it is trying to say then your chances of remembering it will be way much higher

And another plus point of understanding the concept that is if any twisted question comes then

You will be eligible to give the correct answer of it

(10) Do revision time to time

This is considered as second and important step of learning

Once you have done the hard work of learning and understanding the concept

Now to remember it for long time you have to just revise it on daily or weekly basic

This will make a major impact on your grades in exams

(11) Recording your voice

For learning long answers you can record your answer then

Listen to your answer so as it will be your voice so

So you will remember fast

You can record it for long question answers

(12) Group study

This can be dangerous and profitable at the same time

It is like the way of seeing things like two sides of the coin

If your study group is more talkative then it is dangerous for you as there only one thing will happen and that is time pass

But if your group is good then

  • If you are not getting any topic then your friends can help and they can give you better examples to you
  • Time saving trick
  • You will remember it for long time as your friend has explained it with their examples

(13)  Scanning and visualizing


Here there are two terms first is scanning that means whatever you have marked the important points and prepare notes

Scan them as it will not take much time

It is a quick process to do

Visualizing is the second term

Visualizing the answer like imagine it in funny or in unusual way that is your own imagination

Remembering answers unusual will register in your exams too

And you can write the correct answer word to word

41 Actionable good habits for kids that parents should teach (Right Now)


In my views we need the modern day’s study tips solutions that we can convert a good habits of learning and studying

So now we have the full actionable tips by which we can grow by 74%

Now tell me in the comment section down below about your 2 favorite study tips which you will apply right now

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